Interactive, Engaging, Inspiring!

Spanning three days, the Mannheim2020 Programme will be interactive, collaborative and hands-on. The Programme will feature key plenary speakers, breakout sessions and discussions, an Innovation Marketplace, site visits, and more.

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Innovation Marketplace

The Innovation Market allows for local government practitioners, EU projects, and policy makers to showcase their work in various presentation formats. Best practice examples related to topics such as sustainable urban development, transformations towards sustainability, social innovation, and much more will be presented. Stay tuned for a Call for Contributions.

Breakout Sessions

Several interactive breakout sessions will take place in parallel, allowing conference attendees to delve more into detail on specific topics of their choosing. These smaller sessions will enable deep exchange between varied stakeholders, and exposure to projects and examples that are currently working to build a more sustainable future.

Site Visits

Site visits will act as mobile workshops, allowing attendees to see how concepts discussed are being translated concretely in Mannheim, and inspiring further discussion and action.